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Registration Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Following can register online :

➤ Drawing & Disbursing Officer (DDO)
➤ Head of Office (HOO) and their Dealing Hand
➤ Head of Department (HOD)
➤ Pay & Accounts Officer (PAO) and their Dealing Hand 

Yes, you can register for following multiple roles


If you have roles more than above, then contact your Nodal Officer/Organisation Administrator or send the request on email to bhavishya@nic.in from your registered email.

Retiring Employee does not need to register online in ‘Bhavishya’. His/her details need to be added by DDO/HOO. As soon as DDO/HOO add retiring employee’s detail in ‘Bhavishya’ his/her login details will be send through SMS and email to the retiring employee.

You need to send following details given below to bhavishya@nic.in

➤ Name
➤ Date of Birth
➤ Mobile Number
➤ Official Address
➤ Email Id (preferably designation/post based)
➤ Designation
➤ Ministry/Department
➤ List of PAO Codes  

You need to fill the form available in Registration Nodal Officer Registration Form and email the scanned copy of filled signed form to bhavishya@nic.in

Two characters in the bracket are last two digits of DDO Code e.g. if your office name is Pension,Delhi and DDO Code is 123456 then office name will be shown as Pension,Delhi(56). Apart from this List in Division/office is searchable i.e. if your office is in Nagpur and you type Nagpur in the listbox, it will show all the office having Nagpur as part of division/office name

No, Email-Id must be official, Preferably Post/Designation based and accessible from https://mail.gov.in or https://email.gov.in