Salient Features of Bhavishya

Sl no. Salient Features
1 Single window and user friendly interface which makes it a convenient approach for retirees to know the whole procedure related to their retirement process online.
2 Auto registration/enrolment of retiree.
3 Online registration for DDO/HOO/PAO etc.
4 Retirees can fill and print all the Pension related forms online by login into their accounts.
5 Auto Alerts/Reminders to concerned stakeholders for avoiding delays in pension process.
6 HOO can perform various activities online like filling of details for Form 7 & 8 and sending forms to PAO.
7 Auto Generation of Form 7, Form 8 & Calculation sheet.
8 Online transfer case to PFMS.
9 Download ePPO (Electronic Pension Payment Order).
10 Download eSSA (Electronic Special Seal Authority).
11 Online capturing of PPO no. and payment details of various retirement benefits from PFMS.
12 Online capturing of SSA no.and Pension credit details from CPAO.
13 Photo Editing.
14 ePPO in Digilocker.